Pioneers of Ceylon cinnamon from origin !
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High quality organic & vegan products/ ingredients…
High quality spices from around the world …
Highest quality organic Ceylon cinnamon powder....
Stocked at our warehouses and delivered to your door...
Distributed nationwide to your door …
We preserve our forests, improve the livelihoods of our farmer and forest communities....
Our Ingredients are fair trade certified...

From our own farms

To our own facilities at origin

To our warehouse

To you ! No middle man !

Your trusted partner for Organic ingredients from Farm to you!

You’re looking to purchase processed herbs and spices for your company?
And want to find a partner that is at the same time reliable and flexible?,
Welcome to Basik-Foods – one of Europe’s leading companies in the spice industry!



Nothing left to chance: we achieve this goal with our in-house production facilities and qualified staff. For herbs and spices that meet your commercial requirements, specifications and legal regulations.

Truly Unique ?
Basik Foods

Transparency at its best! - We grow our own spices, we have our own farm groups, our own facilities at origin (IFS certified) and our own warehouses in California!

Over 65 years in the Spices industry.

We have over 65 years of experience in the Spices industry from origin.

Pioneers of Ceylon Cinnamon
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We are reputed as Pioneers of Ceylon Cinnamon.

3RD generation family business.

3RD generation family business!

Strong Supply chain – for generations.
Large warehouses

Strong Supply chain built through generations.

Specializing in Organic ingredients.

Leader of Organic ingredients.

Certifications & Recognitions