About Us

Basik Foods Inc is the expansion of a 3 rd generation family business, a pioneer in the Spices industry.

1 ST generation – A visionary entrepreneur with a keen eye into the future, set out to create an export market for his authentic Sri Lankan spices which quickly caught the attention of the World.

2nd generation -The second generation of the family then carried on this business heritage by expanding to foreign markets such as South America and Mexico, acquainting the true taste of Ceylon Cinnamon to the World.

3rd generation – The 3rd generation further establishes and expands by exporting high quality Spices to USA, EU, Australian, South African and Japanese markets. Basik Foods Inc establishes office and warehousing in 2021 expanding and strengthening sales in the U.S market.

The company, along with office and IFS certified processing facilities and own farmers and lands at origin imports the highest quality Organic Spices and ingredients.

Our Vision

To make Cinnatopia the most preferred supplier of organic spices from Sri Lanka to the International Market.


Our mission is to keep preserving the authenticity and quality of Ceylon Spices whilst adhering to international standards. In order to achieve this, Cinnatopia focuses on a few key areas:

  • Growing organic spices
  • Ensuring food safety to the end consumer.
  • Adhering to sustainable production & processing
  • Assisting Sri Lankan farmers gain exposure to the world market and help improve their production standards.

Certifications & Recognitions